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Snogren Design offers a broad range of creative services including corporate identity and collateral (business cards, letterhead, brochures), website design, marketing, photography and video.

For more than 10 years, Snogren Design has helped small and large companies, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations develop the right solutions to increase brand reach and engage their target audiences. Snogren Design is your committed partner; working on your behalf with passion, vision, and commitment.

Intelligent design

Snogren Design understands the power of brand, imagery and messaging and knows how to make them work together to create the impact you require. We understand the need to design intelligently. The fine art of wedding creativity with strategy is the genius behind Snogren Design.

About John Snogren

John Snogren

John Snogren, founder of Snogren Design, combines the heart of a conceptual artist with a history in corporate branding and design. Before founding Snogren Design, Mr. Snogren held the position of senior art director at Reingold, a marketing and communications firm. His list of clients includes AOL, George Washington University, the U.S. Army, the United States Maritime Administration, the United States Institute of Peace, and many others.

Mr. Snogren has also worked as a creative director and consultant for various corporate, small-business, non-profit and government clients. Recent career highlights include the brand refresh of the City of Hyattsville, Maryland; a Wordpress site redesign that increased monthly readership from 4,500 to 25,000; multiple corporate website projects for the building industry; and outdoor and real estate companies. Many of these projects combined photography and website design services with messaging consultation.

Along with his design career, Mr. Snogren is an acclaimed artist whose artistic work has been featured in the Washington Post and reviewed in Sculpture Magazine, New Art Examiner, and other major metropolitan newspapers and publications across the country. He has been a guest artist, panelist, and speaker at the Hirshhorn Museum, Hillwood Museum, and others. He also has food and wine experience, both as a food photographer and as an amateur chef/gourmand. He was once featured on the cover of the Washington Post Style section in a piece about “Washington’s Penchant for Parties.”


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“John Snogren is a true ‘Renaissance man.’ He combines a mastery of art, a refined eye for detail, an elegance in design, and unabashed enthusiasm for the art and the craft of his work.”

Janet Reingold, President of a DC marketing & communications firm

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