Snogren Design
Snogren Design case stuties
Web site design
Supplying all the creative for a small business
Logo and Collateral Design
The logo is based upon an original painting done for this project. This grand tree expresses the strength and craftsmanship of the My Camp Kitchen product line. The unique brochure (seen above) is designed to fit inside your breast pocket. Ideal for trade show take-a-ways and meet and greets. View larger imageView brochure detial by Snogren Design
  Web Site Design
Provided the full range of services required to promote a new business online:
  • Engaging design and brand consistency
  • Marketing and e-commerce sites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media
  • Cross-media promotions and ad design
  • E-mail design and consultation
  • Photography
  • Videographer and production
Web Site Promo banner
Yes, the shrimp was tasty!
Flyers and Other Collateral
Snogren Design provided business to business and customer focused marketing products including messaging consultation, location and product photography.
  • Business to business data sheets
  • Brochures designed for key audiences
  • Trade show banners
  • Cross media promotions
Product Photography
(location and studio)
Video and Photography for Marketing Sites and Ads
On the mountain top shooting stills and video for the Outdoorsman promotion “Go where you want to go.”
Ad Design
Snogren Design provided ad design from initial concept and layout, to photography and final prepress.
View larger imageView brochure detial by Snogren Design


Provide compelling brand identity and marketing products for a start up company competing against established camp outfitters such as Coleman, LL Bean and others.


Developed a brand and messaging strategy focused on key audiences. Designed logo, brochures, marketing and e-commerce sites, online and print ads, as well as provided narrative and product photography and video services.


A distinctive brand that communicated company core values. Target audiences were engaged through cross-media promotions that included email, print and online ads as well as trade shows. Search Engine Optimization techniques were used tho grow online audiences and page one ranking on important key words. Photography and video was used to engage audiences raising time-on-site statistics increasing sales opportunities.

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