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What Others Are Saying About Snogren Design

“To grow our business, we knew we needed to update our website and marketing materials. Snogren Design exceeded our expectations in virtually every aspect of this endeavor.

As a team member throughout the entire process, we found you to be an energetic and creative partner. With his guidance and never ending attention to detail we created a modern and professional new look for our website, corporate brochure, and project sheets, as well as providing us with top notch photography. …We could not be happier with the final products. We look forward to future opportunities to partner with you as we continue to grow as well as recommending your services every chance we get.

Michael Raine, Marion Construction, Inc

“Snogren Design refreshed our city brand by creating for us a distinctive and artistic City logo
and suite of identity products that have received high praise from residents. Snogren Design’s
professionalism, communications with residents, photography, and designs have been
outstanding and beneficial to the City.”

Bill Gardiner, mayor of Hyattsville

“John Snogren is a true `Renaissance man.’ He combines a mastery of art, a refined eye
for detail, an elegance in design, and unabashed enthusiasm for the art and the craft of
his work.”

Janet Reingold, President of Reingold Inc., DC marketing and communications firm

"John Snogren is a website design artist. The logo he designed for us is full of vibrant colors and images that have totally reshaped our brand. His talents extend to suggestions on the feel of a Web site, word choice and what contributes to successful marketing. Plus, he is very easy to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a crisper, cleaner presence on the Internet."

Chris McManes, Vice Chair, Discover Engineering Family Day

“I highly recommend Snogren Design! John took my site to a new level that I did not think was
possible in such a short period of time. John designed a terrific and eye-catching logo, and then
he built a professional and clean-looking layout for the site. John was also a tremendous help
with content management strategy, making my articles look sharp and engaging.
My old site was averaging 2,500 to 6,500 visits per month. After my new site went up, we
garnered over 24,000 visitors in my very first calendar month! Thank you, John!”

Dave Pierre,

“Snogren Design’s superb work on my logo, marketing pieces, and website has turned my
company’s image around. I recommend him without reservation.”

Bob Lipovsky, President, Nautilus Builders, Inc.

John Snogren has been the creative force behind i-SAFE’s brand identity and “Internet Safety
Education and Youth Empowerment” materials, press kits, websites and much more, seen by
thousands of students, teachers, educators, law enforcement personnel and families across the
country. i- SAFE has been extremely fortunate to be the recipient of such talent, initiative, and
hard work.

Teri Schroeder, i-SAFE President

“I have worked with John Snogren for several years. He has been essential in helping me reach
a broader audience. Combining a professional branding and messaging strategies with striking
design, John has been able to present complex and sensitive information in an accessible and
impactful format. I would not have the impact I have now without his assistance. ”

Author Leon J. Podles, Ph. D., Founder, Crossland Foundation

“Snogren Design has helped craft the image and message projected by Cunningham | Quill
Architects over the last five years. As the practice has grown and the portfolio of work has
become more diverse, John has focused on “who we are” and what makes us distinct from
our competitors. He has worked collaboratively with us to present an image that reflects
both the talent and depth of architectural design we offer. The web site John has developed
for us not only continues to evoke interest and admiration in our work, but also tangible leads
for new client and project opportunities.”

Christopher Morrison, Principal, Cunningham | Quill Architects

“John has an unmatched affinity for detail that inspires all the right questions while working
on a project...he is on a constant mission to learn and stay up to date with the ever-changing
print and design industries.”

Marcus Peddy, Colonial Printing

"Thank you for a fantastic logo and website. You've more than fulfilled our expectations!"

Anne Squire, Director of Operations, National Engineers Week Foundation

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